In Conversation with Cecilia Stenbom

13th February - 13th February

Berwick Visual Arts 2013 artist in residence returns to Berwick to debut her new film, Rules of Engagement, followed by a Q&A hosted by Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival director, Peter Taylor.

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An evening with GÂST

28th February - 28th February

Join our current artists in residence GÂST for an informal opportunity to find out more about their artistic practice, work undertaken taken during their residency in the town to date and plans for their forthcoming exhibition at The Gymnasium Gallery.

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GÂST: Conga Eileen. Spittal Amusement Arcade. 30 Dec 2017. Photo by Sarah Jamieson

BEYOND THE PALE: Walking the Borderlands

11th July - 11th July

Join artist Zoe Childerley to hear about her experiences of walking the 100-mile-long Anglo- Scottish Border as part of a project that began during an artist’s residency in Northumberland in 2016.

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Shobana Jeyasingh Dance: Contagion

15th September - 16th September

Contagion, a powerful new work from leading choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh, is inspired by the nature and rapid spread of the Spanish flu virus and will be performed in The Gymnasium Gallery.

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Lucy Clout: Work in Progress

15th August - 15th August

Join us at the Mule on Rouge in Bridge Street where Lucy Clout, Berwick Visual Artist-in-Residence will show a number of recent films and discuss her upcoming exhibition at this year's Festival.

At the midpoint of her six-month residency Lucy Clout will present a screening of previous works which explore themes of loneliness, intimacy and kinship.

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