Drawn from Life: People on Paper

28th October - 7th January

Spanning over a century of British art, ‘Drawn from Life’ brings together drawings by some of Britain’s most celebrated artists including works by David Hockney, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Lucian Freud, Antony Gormley and L.S. Lowry

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Hardeep Phandal: Konfessions of a Klabautermann

21st September - 29th October

Hardeep Pandhal presents his exploration of white supremacist psychology, taking German sociologist and writer Klaus Theweleit’s study of Nazi fascism and masculinity in his classic book Male Fantasies as a primary point of departure.
In the video, Pandhal raps to a score composed with Glasgow-based musician Joe  Howe  (Sunbutler, Ben Butler and Mousepad, Germlin) as we are dragged through a cartoon world marked by male fears of floods.  It forms a dense story board where borrowed and imagined visions border between the homely and the gratuitous.

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