Lucy Parker: Persuasion

22nd September - 25th September


Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Hall Council Chamber


Lucy Parker: Persuasion

Transformation, hauntings and strategies of activism are some of Lucy Parker’s concerns in Persuasion. Researched and shot in Berwick, Parker developed the film through meetings with activists and organisers within the community. Within the film, campaign strategies of canvasing, debate, open air speaking and direct action are voiced over a radio broadcast and activities are portrayed through documentation of a meeting to counter a far right demonstration and a staged occupation against cuts to public services.

Parker began by researching characters depicted in 19th century novels for whom an unexplainable spiritual encounter challenges rational empiricism. This crisis is mapped onto a 21st century schism, where challenging the divisive structures of capitalism leads to punishment for those who ‘know too much’.

In the film, empowerment returns to the hands of the activist, as storyteller, Tam Dean Burn tells the tale of Slippery Jane, who seeks asylum in a public library. The story is adapted from Ferdinand Zecca’s 1910 magnificent trickery film Slippery Jim.

Made with special thanks to all participants: actors, extras and interviewees.

Lucy Parker is Berwick Visual Arts and Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival Artist-in-Residence 2016

In addition, please join us on Friday 23 Sept at 5:30 to celebrate Parker’s exhibition and to welcome Darren Henley, Chief Executive, Arts Council England, to Berwick-upon-Tweed where he will be visiting Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2016, as well as meeting with Berwick Visual Arts and The Maltings Cinema & Theatre. 

Refreshments will be served

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