Sabina Sallis: Multispecies Visionary Institute: Gallery Events Programme

10th July - 5th September

Various Dates

The Gymnasium Gallery

Free, but please book in advance

Sabina Sallis: Multispecies Visionary Institute: Gallery Events Programme

The Multispecies Visionary Institute (MVI) welcomes you to a programme of gallery events informed by sustainable land practices, spanning a diverse range of media and disciplines and accompanying the Multispecies Visionary Institute exhibition at the Gymnasium Gallery. You can find out more about the online events programme here.
Tickets for all events must be booked in advance via the links below. Events are free with materials provided where necessary. All participants will be required to adhere to current Covid-19 guidelines.
Every Saturday Berwick Sketchers, who meet once a month to draw together, will be in the gallery to sketch-document the events. Why not come along with your own sketchpad and join in. 
Saturday  17 July 11am – 1pm

Take a walk with Mark Shipperlee, a local woodsman and permaculture designer – and look at and learn to identify the trees nearby – understanding their role, their uses, and the crucial part they play in our planet’s natural systems. Elements of permaculture will also be discussed, as will questions of how as humans we can interact with trees and assist them in regenerating land – and in particular, those trees immediately around the Gymnasium.

Saturday 17 July 1.30pm - 4pm
Mother Wolf Dreaming (Postponed)
An action performance and participatory painting workshop with artist Magdalena Starska.
Magda is the She-Wolf; the servant of painting and dreamer of the wild places. Visitors are invited to join her in an unfolding performance in which we recognise our own desires for a rewilded, bubbling self and how this can be expressed by painting the landscape that we are a part of. Magda will provide all the materials and a wealth of experience to support participants in painting their artworks.
Saturday 24 July 1:30pm - 4pm
The Voynich Manuscript, the most mysterious codex, is believed to possess mysterious healing powers and plays a pivotal role in the The Multispecies Visionary Institute exhibition.
Participants are invited to work with the Voynich Manuscript as an object of contemplation. Through hands on drawing, making and divining we will imaginatively engage with the codex to derive our own-idiosyncratic information systems that work in the service of Apparatus for Resurgence in Trophallaxis. Can we instigate the birth of a new multispecies culture?
Saturday 7 August 11am – 1pm
Join plant ecologist Dr. Ruth Starr Keddle and Sabina Sallis for a foraging walk around the vicinity of the Gymnasium Gallery. Learn about ways to utilise and honour plants, find out about edible plant species and how we can support biodiversity and multispecies resurgence. 
Saturday 7 August 1.30pm – 4pm
A walk and workshop with Sabina Sallis and ceramicists Eva Masterman and Rosie McLachlan.
Using clay to fire our imaginations into thinking about community, this workshop will explore the possibilities embedded within The Multispecies Visionary Institute exhibition as models for collectivity, collaboration and creative community building. 
Participants will make their own take home clay Terra-Forming Oracle and all materials will be provided.
Saturday 14 August 11am-12:30pm
Ignite your imagination into the incredible potential of plants – discover how growing and gardening can be an act of resistance, protest and hope. Marjolaine Ryley will show you how to develop skills in basic growing/ horticulture including how to compost successfully (even on a small scale), getting started with veg, a guide to growing micro-greens and an introduction to plant propagation.
Saturday 14 August 11am – 4pm
ART/Multispecies Garden Vision Council (Tickets coming soon).
A day long immersive workshop in an abandoned and overgrown tennis court at Berwick Barracks.
Join the Multispecies Visionary Institute to explore how an abandoned and overgrown tennis court at Berwick Barracks can be transformed into to ART Garden. 
Using the permaculture design process and led by permaculture teacher Wilf Richards, creative practitioner Joe Sallis and Sabina Sallis, participants will design a vision for the transformation of the tennis court.
Saturday  28 August 11am – 1pm
It is said that the earth was the first utterer, the source of prophecy, the first Oracle. It is said that she distributed her wisdom through her subterranean veins to carry and embody her energy and her knowledge.
We will explore some practices of oracular work that call forth a vocabulary that bridges the gap between the rational and intuitive minds, a language well known to oral traditions of the past - composed of embodied emotional values and pictorial images.
Saturday 28 August 1.30 – 3pm
A tour of the Multispecies Visionary Institute exhibition and a conversation between Sabina Sallis and writer, curator and educator Barnaby Drabble traversing artistic research, ecology, curating and community.
Saturday 4 September 11am – 4pm
The Seeds of Nectar (Tickets coming soon).
An all-day event exploring food, seeds and presenting live dyes, all within the Multispecies Visionary Institute exhibition.
Throughout the day you can meet different members of the Institute, share ideas and stories about food processes, taste food samples and make your own herb salt. 
Artist Finn Hughes-Smith will undertake a durational performance entitled Freeform Dying Man based on process, transition and transformation of the self and material using tools and dyes gathered locally.
In the afternoon join Saskia Callaars - De Gruyter, from Save A Seed project to share and swap seeds and learn about practices of collection, preservation and sharing of seeds.
Multispecies Visionary Institute was commissioned by Berwick Visual Arts and has been supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Newcastle University’s Institute for Creative Arts Practice and the Polish Cultural Institute.

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