9 Intervals

5th November - 22nd November

Showing on dates detailed below.

The Maltings Theatre and Cinema

£7 / £6 concs, Child (16 & Under) £4, Baby (2 and Under FREE)

9 Intervals

9 Intervals is a multi-episode digital film by Aurélien Froment which uses the common chair and the seated position of the cinema viewer as a way of addressing the relationship between design and body, viewer and image. The work stands between genres and is encyclopaedic in content, parodic in tone and minimalist in form.

9 Intervals will be screened throughout the month of November at The Maltings Theatre & Cinema. Each  interval (3-5 minutes in length) will be screened before select feature films, as follows:

  • Interval 1: Opening Speech / Tue 5 Nov 7.30pm with SUNSHINE ON LEITH /
  • Interval 2: The Hyde Park Picture House / Tue 12 Nov 1pm with BLUE JASMINE
  • Interval 3: General Principles Concerning the Mechanics of the Sitting Posture / Tue 12 Nov 7.30pm with BLUE JASMINE
  • Interval 4: Anatomy of the Chair I / Thu 14 Nov 7pm with PRISONERS
  • Interval 5: Anatomy of the Chair II / Mon 18 Nov 1pm with SUNSHINE ON LEITH
  • Interval 6: Michael Marriott's 5000 Years in 5 Chairs in 5 Minutes / Mon 18 Nov 7.30pm with SUNSHINE ON LEITH
  • Interval 7: An Ergonomic Chair / Wed 20 Nov 1pm with RUSH
  • Interval 8: Chairs for Sitting and Chairs for Standing / Wed 20 Nov 7.30pm with RUSH
  • Interval 9: Le Yoga par l'image / Fri 22 Nov 7.30pm with SUNSHINE ON LEITH

More information can be found at www.9intervals.org.uk

If you have seen any of the 9 intervals at The Maltings you can provide feedback here

9 Intervals was commissioned and produced by Pavilion with support from The Arts Council of Ireland; Arts Council England; Leeds City Council; Fluxus, Franco- British Fund for Contemporary Art; Institut Français; LUX; Independent Cinema Office; The Elephant Trust; Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry – Le Crédac; Dommering Foundation. Touring of the work is funded by Arts Council England’s strategic touring programme.


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