The Gallery of Wonder

8th August - 8th August

Spittal Seaside Festival

£1 entry

The Gallery of Wonder

The Gallery Of Wonder is travelling  across Northumbria, appearing at Northumberland county and border shepherd shows in a distinctive customised
dark grey wagon, covered in symbols of curiosity and mysticism presenting tantalising clues to its unique contents.

At each venue the crew will erect the gallery, a big black circular tent decorated with countless piercing eyes, some set with small lenses providing a distorted peep into the shadowy interior. Outside, a barker (performance artist Dennis Jobling) entices the public to purchase a ‘magic ticket’ to gain entrance to the mysterious exhibit.

Within is an exhibition of new works of art created by nationally and internationally known artists including Aideen Barry, Mat Collishaw, Tessa Farmer, Aura Satz, Mark Fairington, Irene Brown, Polly Morgan and Quay Brothers who have all responded to the idea of wonder. 
How exactly do they do this? It must be seen to be believed. This is a secretive world where things seen may not be divulged, what we can say is that fifteen-foot snakes, enchanted flowers and vindictive fairies are part of this extraordinary spectacle.
The tented gallery makes specific reference to the history of travelling booths and side shows at fairs, when items of curiosity such as waxworks of famous people, coronation tableaux and strange misshapen creatures were presented, juxtaposing the exotic and the amazing, the scientific and the fantastic and firing the imaginations of visitors.
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The Gallery Of Wonder On Tour has been funded by Arts Council England, Berwick Visual Arts, Newcastle University’s Institute for Creative Arts Practice and Northumberland County Council.

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