George Clark: Double Ghosts

19th September - 27th October

Double Ghosts is a multi-part exhibition which traverses the Pacific drawing on historical fragments, traces and ghosts from the coasts of Chile to a mountain cemetery in Taiwan. Exploring the status and potential of unrealised and fragmented histories, the exhibition draws together 35mm film, sound recordings, script fragments, photography and archival material filmed and gathered in Chile, France and Taiwan.

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Image: George Clark, A Mountain Inside A Cave, 2019, 35mm film still. Courtesy of the artist

Tania Kovats: Head to Mouth

15th June - 8th September

Tania Kovats makes drawings, sculpture, installations, writing and large-scale projects that explore our experience, understanding and relationship with the natural world. Recently she has focused on water as her central subject, the seas and oceans, river systems, maritime culture, flooding and tides, necessarily touching on environmental concerns.

For this new body of work at the Gymnasium Gallery, Kovat’s looks at water as a boundary, both psychological and physical and is particularly interested in how the River Tweed has acted as a geopolitical boundary.

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Tania Kovats in conversation with Ysanne Holt

15th June - 15th June

To celebrate the launch of Tania Kovat’s new exhibition ‘Head to Mouth’ at the Gymnasium Gallery, join Tania for an informal conversation to explore in more detail the ideas and themes within the exhibition.

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Sense of Place

6th June - 9th June

Working with artists Paul Merrick, Louise Bradley, Nicola Lynch and Graham Patterson, Sense of Place is an exhibition of work created by pupils from Holy Trinity First School, St Cuthbert's First School, Tweedmouth Community Middle School, and Spittal First School as part of the Create, Aspire, Transform programme. 

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Turner: Northern Exposure

25th May - 13th October

Turner: Northern Exposure features original works by JMW Turner, one of the most renowned of English Romantic artists and
explores how the landscape of the North of England transformed him from an architectural draughtsman to a poet of the landscape sublime.
Focusing on his 1797 Northern Tour, the exhibition traces Turner’s journey as he left London and travelled up the country visiting many of the great castles and abbeys of Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland, before reaching Berwick and turning west to Cumbria and the Lakes.

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Norham Castle, on the River Tweed. c1822-3. Turner, Joseph Mallord William 1775-1851. Tate. Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856. (c) Tate, London 2019

Roy Voss: The Way Things Are

6th April - 2nd June

Stretching the length of the Gymnasium Gallery, The Way Things Are is a sculpture, precisely and elegantly constructed in poplar wood that approximates to the form of a pier. Inspired by Victorian lithographs, contemporary architects’ drawings and the artist’s own recollections, The Way Things Are extends the artist’s interest in romantic longing; between desire and lived experience, between memory and fact.

Voss finds something simultaneously prosaic and profound about the British seaside pier. If the coastline is a boundary, a marker for the edge of ordinary experience, then the pier forms a space beyond this.

Roy Voss, The Way Things Are 2017 is commissioned by De La Warr Pavilion (Bexhill), Grundy Art Gallery (Blackpool) and Berwick Visual Arts (Berwick).

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Kirill Sokolov: A Russian Painter in Northumberland

2nd February - 5th May

Kirill Sokolov (1930 - 2004) was a celebrated Russian painter and one of the former Soviet Union’s most dedicated professional artists, studying at the prestigious Surikov Institute in Moscow between 1950 and 1957. In 1960 he met and later married a British research student, one of the first foreign marriages allowed in post-Stalinist Russia.
In 1974 Sokolov left Russia with his family and drove across Europe ending up in Berwick-upon-Tweed which for aperiod became his artistic refuge and
the family’s home. A prolific artist with an insatiable appetite for methods and materials, this exhibition explores Sokolov’s work from his time in the town and the influence of Northumberland on his work.

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Kirill Sokolov: Goswick Beach. Courtesy of the artists estate.

Zoe Childerley: Beyond the Pale

27th October - 20th January

Inspired by walking the length of the Anglo-Scottish border, Beyond the Pale is a mixed media exhibition exploring a narrative around territory, land and
belonging on this border and beyond. During the walk, Zoe met people who live on both sides of the line, learning about their relationship with place, past and present and their underestimated cultural identity as Borderers.

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Zoe Childerley: Castleton. Courtesy of the artist.

Berwick Youth Project: The Hurt Goes On

20th September - 23rd September

Working with Newcastle-based moving image collective Film Bee, 15 young people from Berwick Youth Project have used collective reflection and DIY problem solving to create a series of provocations and installations. Their work explores reality in a digitalised world, and how the value of images has changed with shifts in technology, particularly social media. 


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Lucy Clout: Solvent Magazine

20th September - 23rd September

Lucy Clout presents a new body of work titled ‘Solvent Magazine’ which includes sculptural and video pieces made during her six-month residency with Berwick Visual Arts and Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival.

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ARTIST ROOMS: Douglas Gordon

2nd June - 2nd September

Berwick Visual Arts presents the work of Scottish artist Douglas Gordon, winner of the Turner Prize in 1996 and the Premio 2000 at the 47th Venice Biennale in 1997. Much of Gordon’s work is about memory and uses repetition and material from the public realm to overturn traditional uses of video by playing with time elements and employing multiple monitors.

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Douglas Gordon, 10ms-1, 1994. Video installation, Dimensions variable. Installation view Zacheta, Warsaw, 2017. © Studio lost but found, Berlin / DACS 2018 / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018. Photo Studio lost but found / Frederik Pedersen

Spirited - Women Artists from The Ingram Collection of Modern Art

26th May - 14th October

With 2018 marking the centenary of the Representation of the People Act that gave the first British women the right to vote, the exhibition draws on works from The Ingram Collection, one of this country’s most significant and publicly accessible collections of Modern British Art, to celebrates a number of key British women artists from the past one hundred years. Spirited includes works by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Elisabeth Frink, Barbara Hepworth, Laura Knight, Winifred Nicholson and Bridget Riley. 

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Wilhelmina Barns-Graham CBE. Untitled I (View of St Ives), 1943. - Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust

GÂST: 'in the best of spirits . . .'

31st March - 20th May

GÂST are visual artist Laura Mahony and Dale Fearnley. Working with archival and time-based media, sculpture and performance, their practice initiates tangible states of play while unearthing narratives that associate people and place.

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Conga Eileen. Spittal Amusement Arcade, Dec 2017. Image by Sarah Jamieson, courtesy GAST

The Archive of Smith, Berwick: From Photo-News Service to Photo Centre

27th January - 13th May

When David Smith began his photo news agency in Berwick in 1951, demand for his work came thick and fast at a local and national level. An experienced journalist with a keen eye for a story, he captured a wide range of subjects, from a visiting celebrity to a runaway circus elephant, not to mention a host of wedding and portrait commissions. As the business expanded, Smith opened the Photo Centre on Bridge Street and was joined by his son Ian and a team of staff photographers. On Ian Smith’s retirement in 2012, the company archive represented a remarkable record of the town and its people and was acquired by the Berwick Record Office.
Drawing on this unique collection The Archive of Smith, Berwick tells the story of this family run press agency and photo studio, and place it in the context of broader developments in photography.

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Image: Opening of Berwick May Fair, 1951. Courtesy of Berwick Record Office

First Bowie, Now This!

11th November - 15th November

'First Bowie, Now This!' brings together Artists, Performers, Designers, Comedians and Academics to form an exhibition acting as a socio-political diagnosis of 2016, a year of schismatic divides and fractures within the fabric of the Western ‘civilised’ ideal. 

Either side of the Atlantic, differences inherent to social and political structures intensified, whilst the spectre of extremist violence became a reality on European soil. Perhaps more than at any point in modern history, there was a profound feeling that some system or philosophy of human progress and co-existence had reached its end. 

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Drawn from Life: People on Paper

28th October - 7th January

Spanning over a century of British art, ‘Drawn from Life’ brings together drawings by some of Britain’s most celebrated artists including works by David Hockney, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Lucian Freud, Antony Gormley and L.S. Lowry

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Charlotte Prodger: LHB

23rd September - 23rd September

The world premiere of Charlotte Prodger's LHB produced during her 2017 six month residency with Berwick Visual Arts and Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival.

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Charlotte Prodger: SERGIO T

Hardeep Phandal: Konfessions of a Klabautermann

21st September - 29th October

Hardeep Pandhal presents his exploration of white supremacist psychology, taking German sociologist and writer Klaus Theweleit’s study of Nazi fascism and masculinity in his classic book Male Fantasies as a primary point of departure.
In the video, Pandhal raps to a score composed with Glasgow-based musician Joe  Howe  (Sunbutler, Ben Butler and Mousepad, Germlin) as we are dragged through a cartoon world marked by male fears of floods.  It forms a dense story board where borrowed and imagined visions border between the homely and the gratuitous.

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Bethan Huws: Singing for the Sea

17th June - 10th September

Berwick Visual Arts in partnership with Artangel presents ‘Singing for the Sea’ - a film installation by internationally acclaimed artist, Bethan Huws, which documents a group of eight female Bulgarian singers performing traditional songs on Sugar Sands, Northumberland, on the coast of the North Sea. Their performance, with haunting melodies combine with the rumbling of the sea to create a unique polyphony of sound and voice.


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The Bistritsa Babi / Bethan Huws 'A Work for the North Sea'. Sugar Sands, Longhoughton, Northumberland, 22,23 and 24 July 1993. Commissioned by Artangel

Scottish Colourists from the Fleming Collection

27th May - 15th October

With works on loan from the prestigious Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, which owns the finest collection of Scottish art outside institutions, this new exhibition features work from the four key Scottish Colourist artists, alongside a number of artists who were early influencers of their work.

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Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell, Loch Creran, Argyll, Oil on Board. Courtesy the Fleming Wyfold Foundation

Gemma Burditt: The Art of Milk

1st April - 4th June

Our current artist in residence, filmmaker and animator Gemma Burditt has spent the past six months researching and exploring the current state of dairy farming in Northumberland, through interviews with dairy farmers and with researchers at the Centre for Rural Economy and Institute for Sustainability at Newcastle University.

The resulting work, a four metre long animation spanning the width of the Gymnasium Gallery, traces the history of dairy farming in the County, exploring how businesses have evolved, responded to changing markers and advances in technology, informing how we value milk and it’s production today.

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Beyond the Border: New Contemporary Photography from Scotland

11th February - 14th May

Since the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence, Scotland has faced an ongoing intense period of scrutiny. Political shifts in the 2015 general election and the 2016 European referendum ensure Scotland remains in the spotlight of national, and indeed international, politics. As the country continues to go through a period of reflection, change and re-evaluation, Beyond the Border by photography collective Document Scotland, is a timely examination of Scottish identity aiming to challenge clichés and explore the land its people and identity. 

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Blackfaced ewes at Patricia Glennie’s farm, Lauder, the Scottish Borders, 2013  © Sophie Gerrard / courtesy Impressions Gallery

Louise Cattrell: First Light

8th October - 29th January

A new series of etchings, monoprints and paintings by artist Louise Cattrell, which explore the transforming qualities of natural light within landscapes that are connected to the Rivers Tweed, Tyne and Thames. 

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First Light (detail) by Louise Cattrell. Oil on linen, 2016. Image courtesy Alex McLennan

Lucy Parker: Persuasion

22nd September - 25th September

Hauntings, self-transformation, finding community and finding voice are some of Lucy Parker’s concerns in Persuasion.  Researched and shot in Berwick, Parker uses an example of one individual’s pursuit of empirical knowledge alongside a struggle for resources, echoing her research into the literary figure of the haunted academic.  The film explores how the effects of politically motivated cuts to public services inform strategies for activism and collective self-organisation.

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Generation Tour: The Tree, The Caterpillar and The Butterfly by Aether & Hemera

9th July - 11th September

Enter an enchanting interactive garden inspired by nature and state-of-the art technology.

Using Xbox Kinect technology, see how your movements affect a multi-coloured field of butterflies and listen for the melodic sounds of the birdhouses as they respond to your presence. Use a magic watering can to make a ‘pea tree’ grow. And can you find the caterpillar before it transforms into a butterfly?

Created by artists Aether & Hemera, The Tree, the Caterpillar and the Butterfly combines the power of art, technology and nature to create a magical, memorable experience for all ages to enjoy.


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L.S. Lowry: On the Sands, Berwick

2nd July - 25th September

The artist L.S. Lowry was a regular visitor to Berwick-upon-Tweed.  The exact date of his first visit is unclear, but his first oil painting of Berwick showing the High Street is dated 1935 and he continued to visit the town a year before his death in 1976.

‘On the Sands, Berwick’ was produced by the artist in 1959, during one of his many visits to the town and we are delighted to be able to show the work in Berwick over the summer. It has only been exhibited twice previously at the Leferve Gallery, London in 1961 and the Royal Academy, London in 1976.

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Space Craft: Architecture meets making

18th June - 25th September

Space Craft: Architecture meets making explores the relationship between making and our built environment.

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Paleys upon Pliers (architectural model), 2014, Studio Weave. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

Generation Tour: Musical Chairs by Hellicar and Lewis

14th May - 3rd July

Enjoy an extraordinary game of musical chairs, unlike any other you have played before.

In this Musical Chairs you are inventor, musician, conductor, game changer.  These seven chairs are very special. Sit down. See what happens. Your actions will create sounds – voices, rhythms, melodies, noises from nature…And then, what if someone sits next to you? Join hands and find out how your connection makes new sounds. Every chair is different. Every game is different. Move around and discover how your body can alter everything.

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Inclosure: Sander Van Raemdonck

23rd April - 5th June

Berwick Visual Arts artists in residence in partnership with the Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University, presents a new body of work exploring rural housing in Northumberland.

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Animal Spirits by Juneau Projects

19th March - 8th May

‘Animal Spirits’ is a book and exhibition by artists Juneau Projects commissioned by Berwick Visual Arts.

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Eric Ennion: Ripples from the House on the Shore

6th February - 17th April

‘Ripples from the House on the Shore’ celebrates the work of Eric Ennion (1900 – 1981) and features over 30 stunning watercolours and preparartory sketches by the artist. Ennion was an outstanding 20th century bird illustrator who spent the 1950s living and working on the Northumberland coast. His drawings and watercolours of native British birds appeared in print throughout his adult life but he is little known in the present day.

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Image courtesy Estate of E.A.R Ennion

Where is the line? - Drawings from mima's collection

24th October - 24th January

‘Where is the line?’ brings together a number of works form Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima) which holds one of the most important collections of drawings in the North-East.

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Norman Cornish, Smoky Bar Scene. Collection of mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern art. Norman Cornish MBE 1919-2014 image courtesy of the Norman Cornish Estate 2015.

Michael Mulvihill: A Mid-Century Modern

3rd October - 1st November

Michael Mulvihill’s work scrutinises the relationship between grand political narratives and policy, particularly those around the methodologies of maintaining nuclear deterrence, and their effect upon the individual and the everyday. These investigations have been motivated by his childhood memories of the fear of nuclear war during the Reagan era of the Cold War, and the repurposing of Reaganite rhetoric and militarization during the Presidency of George W Bush. 

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Paul Rooney: Still at Large

24th September - 27th September

Berwick Visual Arts and Berwick Film & Media Art Festival artist in residence Paul Rooney presents a new work in response to the festival theme 'Fact or Fiction'.

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Paul Rooney: Still at Large (Production Still) Courtesy of the artist.

The Gallery of Wonder

8th August - 8th August

The Gallery Of Wonder is travelling  across Northumbria, appearing at Northumberland county and border shepherd shows in a distinctive customised
dark grey wagon, covered in symbols of curiosity and mysticism presenting tantalising clues to its unique contents.

At each venue the crew will erect the gallery, a big black circular tent decorated with countless piercing eyes, some set with small lenses providing a distorted peep into the shadowy interior. Outside, a barker (performance artist Dennis Jobling) entices the public to purchase a ‘magic ticket’ to gain entrance to the mysterious exhibit.

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Wish You Were Here?

25th July - 11th October

Wish You Were Here? is an exhibition of artists’ postcards from 1960s to today selected from art writer and novelist,  Jeremy Cooper’s remarkable collection. This touring exhibition is a unique opportunity to see works from the collection, some for the first time, before its donation to the British Museum Prints and Drawings Department in 2018.

Drawn from the collection which now consists over 2000 works, the exhibition features postcards created by over 200 artists including some of today’s most celebrated artists such as Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, David Hockney, Richard Hamilton, Bruce Nauman, Carl Andre, Gilbert & George,  Susan Hiller, Gavin Turk, Tacita Dean and Mark Wallinger amongst many others. Each has been produced with the idea and the function of the postcard in mind.

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Generation AIR by Spacecadets

11th July - 13th September

Be transported into an exciting, mysterious world by Generation AIR

Experience giant inflatable interactive organisms made to fire your imagination.

Climb through, get busy with your fingers and watch what unfolds as your actions lead to delightful unexpected happenings.

Generation AIR is inspired by human biology and the cells and organisms inside us. Tunnels echo the materials that make up our bones and the cushions are like bloodcells sending oxygen around our bodies.

This brand new family-focused exhibition is an experience not to be missed!

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Piotr Piasta: The Realm of Forgotten Existence

16th May - 12th July

Piotr Piasta is a filmmaker and a photographer from the Wieniawa district of Poland, who has spent the past 6 months living and working in Berwick-upon-Tweed as our artist in residence in partnership with the Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University.

His artwork explores themes of history, time and memory often within a rural context and he is particularly interested in ageing within rural communities and the stories and memories of older people.

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Photo courtesy Berwick Record Office

Generation NOISE by Owl Project

2nd May - 5th July

Enter a futuristic wooden workshop where you can be the operator of amazing human-powered sound machines.

The genius revolving Generation NOISE machines will turn a wave drawn by you into a unique sound of your own creation.

Plus speaker horns and strange electronic sounds will mingle together to form an inspiring music studio space. Experiment with the NOISE sculptures around you or just immerse yourself in the sound experience.

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Susan Stenger: Sound Strata of Coastal Northumberland

21st March - 26th April

Sound Strata of Coastal Northumberland is a multi-channel sound installation based on a cross-section diagram of coastal geological formations from the River Tyne to the Scottish border, drawn by local mining engineer Nicholas Wood in 1838.


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Susan Stenger, Sound Strata of Coastal Northumberland, 2014. Photo: Colin Davison, courtesy of AV Festival 14

Berwick’s Burrell Collection

7th February - 4th May

Berwick’s Burrell Collection returns to The Granary Gallery with a new exhibition which will include for the first time Degas’ ‘Russian Dancers’ alongside works by Boudin and Daubigny, watercolours by Joseph Crawhall, 17th century Ming china, Medieval carved saints and a host of other unusual and beautiful objets d’art.

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BERMG: 1432 Edgar Degar - Russian Dancers (pastel on tracing paper) Courtesy Berwick Museum & Art Gallery

Illustration & Inspiration

11th October - 18th January

A celebration of children’s book illustrators from Northumberland and the Scottish Borders and the artists who have inspired them.

The exhibition includes work by Vanessa Cabban, Olivia Gill, Brita Granström & Mick Manning, Cara Lockhart Smith, Helen Stephens and Gerry Turley.

Alongside these are works by Edward Ardizzone, Angela Barratt, George Him, Tove Jansson, and John Lawrence amongst others from the collection of Seven Stories - The National Centre for Children’s Books.



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How to hide a lion - a hat by Helen Stephens

Katie Davies - The Lawes of the Marches

18th September - 21st September

Berwick Visual Arts artist in residence Katie Davies has spent the past six months filming hundreds of personal stories of participants involved in the Common Ridings, all along the border of England and Scotland. An ancient tradition designed to preserve boundaries; the Riding of the Bounds takes on new significance in the lead up to the referendum

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Katie Davies: The Lawes of the Marches. Courtesy of the artist.

Doug Jones with Border Textile Group - Ducit Amor Patriae

19th July - 7th September

Ducit Amor Patriae translated as Love of My Country Guides Me (or Us) is an installation created by artist Doug Jones and Border Textile Group.

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Doug Jones with Border Textile Group - Ducit Amor Patriae. Photo by Mark Pinder

L.S Lowry in Berwick & Northumberland

21st June - 21st September

'L.S. Lowry in Berwick & Northumberland' brings a number of Lowry's original works  of Berwick-upon-Tweed to the town for the first time alongside works that capture wider Northumberland and his fascination with the sea.


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L.S Lowry Self Portrait 1925 - The Lowry Collection, Salford

S Mark Gubb - Metal Militia

31st May - 13th July

Metal Militia takes is starting point as the events that led to the birth of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers on March 19th 1689, when in two hours a militia was raised for the defence of Edinburgh. This was done by a man walking through the town, beating a drum to raise attention. Following this, Berwick became the only town in the UK to have the right, by law, to raise a militia 'by beat of drum'.


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Metal Militia logo designed by Christophe 'Lord of the Logos' Szpajdel

Follow the Herring

13th May - 18th May

Join us for the arrival a life size knitted coble boat Berwick Gymnasium Gallery as part of the ‘Follow the Herring’ national tour exploring the maritime heritage of the east coast from Musselborough to Hove.


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Hidden Agenda - Socially Conscious Craft

22nd March - 1st June

Hidden Agenda presents works by makers and designers who use craft as a platform for social comment and provocation, exploring issues such as environmental responsibility, war, class and work.


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Stephanie Misa - Grandstand

8th March - 4th May

Berwick Visual Arts Artist-in-Residence Stephanie Misa presents a new body of work produced during her residency in partnership with the Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University.

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Tracking Forgiveness: A photographic journey of The Railway Man

4th January - 2nd March

‘Tracking Forgiveness’ features production shots and behind the scenes photos taken by stills photographer Jaap Buitendijk during the filming of ‘The Railway Man’ which took place in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Edinburgh, Queensland and Thailand in 2012.


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The Railway Man. Courtesy of Jaap Buitendijk

9 Intervals

5th November - 22nd November

9 Intervals is a multi-episode digital film by Aurélien Froment which uses the common chair and the seated position of the cinema viewer as a way of addressing the relationship between design and body, viewer and image.

Throughout November, each interval will be shown between the trailers and a selected feature film as part of The Maltings Theatre & Cinema' film programme

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Cecilia Stenbom 'The Case'

26th September - 29th September

Written and directed by Berwick Visual Arts artist in residence Cecilia Stenbom, inspired by ‘Nordic Noir’ and British TV crime drama, and shot in Berwick. The Case examines how crime fiction preys and perpetuates anxiety whilst being a source of entertainment within popular culture. Commissioned in partnership with Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival.

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Multiple Choice - Contemporary Prints & Editions from Private Collections in the North

21st September - 15th December

Multiple Choice’ brings together prints and editions by a broad range of contemporary artists from established figures such as Tracey Emin, David Hockney, Paul Morrison, George Shaw and Mark Wallinger, to younger artists including Luke Stephenson, Benedict Drew, Nick Kennedy and Stephen Palmer.

All the works have been generously lent by private collectors based across the North East of England and illustrate that collecting contemporary art is not just for the wealthy!

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Ramsay Gibb:The Pilgrim Coast

13th July - 8th September

As part of the Lindisfarne Gospels regional programme, Scottish painter Ramsay Gibb tracks down the sacred sites and ancient pathways in old Northumbria from Lindisfarne to St Herberts Isle.

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Rain Passing, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Courtesy of the artist.

Catherine Yass: High Wire

22nd June - 15th September

Visual Arts in Rural Communities and Berwick Visual Arts Gymnasium presents Catherine Yass’s High Wire (2008) at the Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick. High Wire is a four-screen video installation, commissioned and produced by Artangel, in which the French high-wire artist Didier Pasquette walks a wire strung between two high-rise tower blocks on the Red Road Estate in Glasgow.


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High Wire, Catherine Yass 2008. Photo by Catherine Yass, courtesy of The Artangel Collection

Doug Fishbone and Friends: Adventureland Golf

24th April - 9th June

Crazy golf courses have a long lasting connection with seaside and holiday resorts and so a crazy golf course designed by some of the highest profile contemporary artists seems like an ideal exhibition for a gallery in such a location.

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The Ruth Borchard Collection of Self-Portraits

23rd March - 30th June

Between 1958 and 1971 the writer Ruth Borchard collected 100 self-portraits by British and British-based artists. With astonishing bravado she set herself a ceiling of 21 guineas to purchase each picture, irrespective of the artist’s fame and she generally succeeded.
Among the young artists spotted by Ruth early in their careers were Mario Dubsky, Peter Phillips, Patrick Procktor, along with Anthony Eyton, Anthony Green and Ken Howard.

As her collection and her confidence grew, Ruth approached artists at the height of their careers – such as Michael Ayerton, Roger Hilton, Keith Vaughn and Euan Uglow, whose portraits all feature in this new exhibition at The Granary Gallery.


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Berwick’s Burrell Collection

1st September - 16th December

With a fortune made in shipping, Sir William Burrell purchased art and objects from around the world. Most of the collection was donated to his home city of Glasgow, but around 50 paintings and 300 decorative items were given to Berwick – the closest town to his baronial residence at nearby Hutton Castle - and are usually housed in Berwick Museum and Art Gallery.

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Eduardo Paolozzi - General Dynamic F.U.N

27th July - 26th August

A Hayward Touring exhibition of screen-prints by Eduardo Paolozzi opened at The Granary Gallery in Berwick-upon-Tweed as part of a national tour.
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (1924–2005), one of the pioneers of the pop art movement in the UK, was born in Scotland.



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